Made in psp9


Unzip all tubes to psp - open animationen in your AS
The Image " below you can use as "pointer" so you know how far you are

Layers -New layer 425 x 425 transpirant
floodfill with #e47121

Layers -New layer - selection - select all
Activate your background image - copy
Edit - paste into selection
Lower opasity in your layer to 34
Select none
Activate the tube "shape" - resize 2-3times and place it to the right
(see finished image)

Add drop shadow

selection tool draw an rectangel

New layer

Activate your background image again - copy

Edit - paste into selection
Add same drop shadow as earlier
activate the text tube"Love quote" - copy and paste as new layer
Place it in the top (see finished image)
Image - add borders - symmetric 10 - white
Make a gradient gradient
Forground #c00000
Background #e47121

Activate the white border with magic wand
and floodfill gradient
Select none
add border again - same numbers- magic wand in the white border
BUT in your gradient mark reversed in "invert"

Layer - merge visible
Edit - copy
Open AS
Open animation"Animation1"
Resize 2 times
Mark your image - dublicate till you have 12 frames
Edit - select all
Mark animation - edit-select all - copy
back on image
Edit - paste into selected frame
place animation inside the orange shape
scheck your animation- satisfied ?
I've sat frame properties til 25
Save as a gif file
Hope you enjoyed making this tut