Old Fashion

Made in psp 9

Unzip all tubes to psp and minimize-
unzip Dodecagon to your Preset shapes folder

The Image " below you can use as "pointer" so you know how far you are

New layer str 500 x 450 transperant
forgroundcolor be9997 and backgroundcolor d2b6b7
make a gradient like this:

Floodfill your layer
Activate tube with the lady - edit - copy and paste as new layer
Move her out to the left
Activate Preset shape tool and find

Draw a "mirror" REMEMBER to lock your forgroundscolor/gradient

"the mirror"must be centeret and we do it like this

and your "mirror" is in the middle

add drop shadow

Activate tube of the lady - resize id you like - copy and paste as new layer
and move her down to the left -
in your layers - dublicate and moveher a bit up
lower opasity to ca. 34-35
With your lasso tool mark what goes out over the mirror frame
- click delete
your image looks like this now (I hope)

Activate and set all the other tubes where you like
"the Ribbon" you must dublicate and move into place with your moover tool
and place them on top of the kea.

Lock all layers except the mirror with the lady inside
copy merged and open AS
Paste as new animation
Effects - insert image effect
scroll down to "Underwater" and use these settings

Click "Customize"

click ok

Delete 1. frame and you have 8 frames

back to psp
Unlock the layer with background - kea - both ribbons- and chain
edit - copy merged and paste as new animation to AS

Edit - select all - dublicate til you have 8 frames

edit - select all
activate "mirror" - edit - select all - copy
back on your image - edit - paste into selected frame
and with the mouse place the "mirror" in the middle - let go the mouse
when you're satisfied

back to psp -unlock layer where the lady is
copy - over to AS - paste as new animation and again - make dublicates to 8 frames
activate image with the kea osv - edit - select all
activate image with the lady - edit - select all - copy
back on your image - edit - paste into selected frames and place her
down to the left - check your animation

You can resize your animation - done -